Запропонуй ціну
  • Hybrid analog/wavetable synthesizer module with built-in sequencer
  • 3 syncable analog oscillators, each with four selectable waveforms, plus 3 wavetable oscillators and noise generation
  • Frequency Modulation available separately for oscillators and filter
  • Multimode 24dB analog filter (2-pole LP, 4-pole LP, HP)
  • 64 customizable, pressure-sensitive performance pads for playing notes and manipulating sequences
  • Grid can store 256 independent sequences and voice presets
  • 3 sequencing modes include step, live, and incremental
  • Sequence notes, parameter locks, and even voice presets per step
  • Advanced voice and sequence randomization capabilities
  • Extensive modulation capabilities, with 5 LFOs and 5 loopable DADSR envelopes
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