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  • 8-voice FM synthesizer with sequencer and keyboard
  • 37-note semi-weighted Fatar keybed with aftertouch
  • Pitch bend and Modulation wheels
  • 4 synth tracks, each with a 4-operator synth engine with 8 algorithms
  • 4 MIDI tracks for sequencing external gear
  • Powerful Elektron sequencing with parameter locking
  • 2 LFOs per voice
  • 1 arpeggiator per track
  • Built-in send effects include Panoramic Chorus, Saturator Delay, Supervoid Reverb
  • Built-in Overdrive master effect
  • Sequencer supports micro timing adjustments for humanizing sequences
  • Overbridge enabled
  • Separate rear-panel stereo outputs for each synth track, plus main L/R outs
  • Stereo input jacks for processing external audio
  • Sustain and expression pedal inputs
  • 3 year Elektron warranty
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