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Professional DJ mixer

  • Super-versatile 4-channel DJ mixer with effects, looping, and other useful performance tools onboard
  • Flexible routing on each channel lets you select from 12 individual stereo inputs
  • Inputs include 4 x stereo RCA analog, 4 x stereo S/PDIF digital, and 4 x stereo via USB 2.0
  • Available identical inputs on multiple channels lets you easily perform on-the-fly remixing and cool changeovers
  • Output patch bay makes routing signal to the mains, headphones, and other outputs easy
  • High-visibility OLED display lets you perform comfortably in the darkest clubs and on the brightest sunlit stages
  • Quad FX Core DSP effects engine gives each channel its own effects bank with delays, reverbs, modulators, resonators, and "damage" distortion effects types
  • Includes over 50 effects presets
  • Each channel has a built-in looper with selectable loop length from 1/16 beat to 4 bars
  • Loopers always record the full 4 bars, allowing you to continuously expanded or shrink your loops
  • BPM detection system automatically adjusts all time-related effects and loops to the tempo of your music
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